Utilising a Business Consultant in York

Starting or expanding a business is a complex and challenging undertaking. Businesses can benefit from an experienced business consultant that can mentor or coach business owners. Whether you need help with writing a business plan or need advice on running your business, a business consultant can help with planning to start or grow a company. A business consultant can provide the confidence entrepreneurs need to make the right decisions for their business.

Business Consulting Services

A business consultant provides external and independent support to owners, managers and executives. Consultants are experts that provide specialist knowledge in business planning and development. The goal of using a consultant is ultimately to improve the business. A business consultant might help with business expansion, marketing, sales, client or employee relations, and other areas. In addition to providing recommendations, a consultant might also be used to implement ideas.

Businesses hire a consultant for a number of reasons. A consultant might be asked to provide a fresh perspective when evaluating a business at every level or may be called to look at one specific issue. A new business might hire a consultant to assist with company formation and getting the business off the ground. An existing company might hire a consultant for other reasons, such as identifying problems and solutions to make the company more successful. This might involve reviewing the financial health of the business or looking at management and the structure of the company to find ways to save money and time. A consultant might also look at gaps that need to be addressed, such as gaps related to skills and human resources. These solutions are ultimately aimed at improving productivity and efficiency.

Mentoring and Coaching Services

In addition to professional consultants, businesses in York also have access to a range of organisations that provide helpful business mentoring and coaching services that can assist with business planning and running a business. A business mentor or coach helps businesses develop their ideas. They also provide informal support as businesses grow and expand. There are several mentoring and coaching individuals and organisations for businesses in York. The Business Bankers' Association (BBA) provides a list of more than 115 organisations with approximately 27,000 paid and volunteer mentors through its Mentorsme portal.

Business Support York & North Yorkshire (BSYNY) also offers qualified business support specialists to help with developing business ideas and discussion options available to entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. Specialists also work with existing companies, particularly small businesses. They review the business and highlight issues that need attention and work with business owners on their aims and objectives for growth. BSYNY also provides other services to help with running a business, including assistance with bookkeeping, tax return filing, marketing, business planning, cash flow forecasting, and payroll.

The University of York also provides consultancy services to businesses. Expertise is available from all departments for external organisations, including businesses. The university's York Management School works with businesses and managers on business process improvements, using IT and reporting to improve profitability, effective change management, organisational structure leadership, and individual and team development. York St. John University also offers bespoke business psychology consultancy to improve workplace efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyment. Other business services can also help with accessing talent, training and professional development, and other business related needs.

Choosing the Right Business Consultant

Many consultants can be found online or through referrals. The important part is assessing whether the consultant is right for your business by looking at their experience, checking references and reviewing their past roles working as a business owner or in business in another position such as executive. Undertaking a bid process is a good way to solicit proposals from prospective clients. Interviewing potential business consultants is essential when determining who is right for your needs. When speaking to consultants and potentially their teams, consider whether the individual or their team is excited about your business. Also, ask yourself if the consultant truly believes that they are able to achieve what is being proposed within the timeframe and budget they have provided. When you have decided on a business consultant, develop a contract that outlines objectives and deliverables as well as a timeframe.