Finding the Right Employees in York

York is a thriving community with a diversity of skills and qualifications. This is in large part due to the presence of high quality secondary, further and higher education in the city, including the world class University of York.

Hiring the Right Employee

Choosing the wrong people can waste time and cost money. Finding new hires through searches, interviews and engagement costs money and takes time, as does training new staff. In a competitive economy, it is more important than ever to choose the right employees. When looking for new staff, consider the competence of the potential hire including their skills, education and experience related to the job requirements. Assess whether the person is also capable of delivering on the job functions and requirements and whether the person's character is compatible with the business and its work culture, including his or her ability to get along with colleagues, management, clients and others. A serious look into whether the potential hire is committed to the job and business is also important.

When interviewing candidates, employers should ask questions that assess skills and experience. Questions should also help employers determine if a potential hire is a good fit for the business and its culture. Doing a background check is also important for certain jobs, such as positions that deal with sensitive and confidential information. Checking references is also a good way to get insight on the candidate from a past supervisor or employers. Although employers can learn a lot from a candidate's CV and by checking references, an interview remains the most important way to see if a candidate is capable and compatible. If you do not have a dedicated human resources specialist, it might be a good idea to hire a consultant who specialises in recruitment. A consultant can help you design an effective hiring process and assist with screening applications and preparing for interviews.

Advertising Openings

Getting word out about openings to the right audience is essential for finding the right recruits. Attending recruitment and career fairs at local colleges and universities is a great opportunity to showcase a business and find talent. When attending these events, make sure that managers or staff representing your business are experienced and enthusiastic members of the team. One of the best ways to attract new hires is to have them meet people that enjoy their job and are passionate about their employer.

Graduates Yorkshire is a job vacancy advertising site that connects local employers searching for graduates. The service provides businesses with a talent pool of more than 50,000 graduates from all disciplines. Not only can a business post adverts on Graduates Yorkshire's site, they can also search the pool for specific skills and manage recruitment campaigns through the site. Other supports include access to assessment centres and video recruitment. Employers can also use the UK government's Universal Jobmatch ( to post jobs and review CVs to find recruits that match specific needs and requirements. The service is free and available through Jobcentre plus.

Supports for Recruitment

There are a number of supports available to help businesses find the right talent. Businesses can tap into young and emerging talent at York's universities and colleges with internship projects, work placements for students and part-time jobs. Higher York helps businesses considering internship and placement options as well as temporary employment opportunities. These are cost-effective solutions for find talented staff while also providing students and recent graduates with experience in the workforce. Higher York also provides advice on apprenticeships and developing graduate positions as well as assistance with promoting opportunities to students and graduates.

The City of York Council's York Apprenticeship Brokerage Service is designed to help small and medium sized businesses recruit and employ an apprentice. Local businesses are invited to exhibit at York Apprenticeship Recruitment Events, which attract over 500 people looking for information on apprenticeships and vacancies. Promoting opportunities at these types of recruitment events at universities and colleges is an important way to generate interest in a business and find talent.