Sales and Marketing Services in York

Effectively marketing your business helps grow your business by attracting clients and customers as well as increasing sales. Marketing is a key driver for improved sales results that help make your business viable. While there are consultants that provide expert advice to York-based businesses, the following are a few marketing and sales tips that will help start-ups as well as established companies.

Regardless of the sector or business, one of the most important marketing tools a company has at their disposal is their website. It can generate leads and sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is also a window for additional enquires that might result in new partnerships. In many cases, a website is the first introduction a potential investor or clients might have to a company. Websites are also used by customers, clients and others to research a business. To ensure a good first impression, the website might be professionally designed. The content on the site must also be high quality and relevant. Your website should also be clear about your products and/or services and experience (including details on qualifications, membership in relevant associations, certifications). It should also outline your service area. If you are based in York but also offer services or products to other parts of the UK or abroad, this should be made clear on your website.

Social media is another way to connect with clients, customers and others. In addition to having your own website, consider operating Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media accounts. This allows you to connect in real-time and provide current and easily updated information about what is happening with your company directly to your audience. Social media is also a great way to connect with businesses, local associations and groups, and others in your industry. Following and interacting with relevant social media accounts of other businesses, groups, associations and government agencies also useful when looking for leads.

Being registered with various registries will also improve your online presence. It will also increase your visibility with search engines. Examples include YorkCompanies, Bizwiki and Business York.

Beyond a website and your online presence, there are several cost effective ways for a business in York to market themselves successfully. One is email marketing. This powerful marketing tool costs business owners very little but can result in big benefits. Before embracing an email marketing approach, you need to develop your own database of email contacts. One of the best ways to do this is by offering a subscriber list on your website. This will give you a listing of clients, customers and other contacts along with their email addresses. It also ensures you have permission to use their contacts for emails. Use this database to share relevant emails such as a newsletter or with information on announcements, events and special offers.

Building a network of customers, clients and other contacts goes beyond just email marketing. Having a network of strong contacts with influence also helps with growing your business and boosting sales. The number of contacts is less relevant than their quality. Your network should include motivated mentors, peers and others that can contribute to the growth of your company. Building your network also involves more than just handing out business cards or attending networking events. Good networks require time and effort, so you need to spend time building relationships with your contacts. Your network can also become advocates for your business. It can also lead to joint ventures. For example, if your company provides tours of York and Yorkshire you might align with tourist attractions in and around the city. This will allow for cross-marketing that benefits both businesses.

Networking also involves working with local groups. Local and regional business associations help you expand networks and provide valuable networking opportunities for you to market your business and find sales leads. Local networks include Business Support York & North Yorkshire and York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce. Businesses should also leverage local and regional media resources, both print and online. This might involve having ads printed in local publications or websites. This approach might also include reaching out to media with blogs that can highlight your company, which will help increase your company's visibility. Local and regional media include The Press, Yorkshire Evening Post, and Yorkshire Post.

Whatever sales and marketing strategy you choose, your approach should be multifaceted and flexible. Identify your needs and any gaps to help you focus your time and resources. You should also document your strategy, which will help with prioritising issues and activities. Plans for online marketing, social media, lead generation and networking should be outlined in your strategy as well as a budget to help you tackle your approach. You should also research your competitors and define performance measures for your strategy. This intelligence will help you track progress and make any adjustments.